Surveillance System (CCTV)

Complete solution. Install and Support. Video Surveillance is the most common security system for any type, residential or business site. We give recommendations, provide you with most up to date information and offer multiple equipment options to choose from.

We provide complete surveillance system package – smart and easy to use.

Upgrade. No matter what type of surveillance system you have right now – we can provide a cost-effective solution for virtually any type of outdated equipment and/or wiring infrastructure.

Products and service. We do not sell, we provide service! With us, You get the best possible solution according to current market, which constantly changes. It’s always highest quality, smart equipment, giving you full control from any possible device. You get what you really need.

* Not only will you be able to view your cameras live when you are there, you’ll also be able to access them through your Smartphone any time of the day or night, as well.

* Motion Alert Technology provides you with a convenient way to know when someone enters an off- limits area (such as a private office, maintenance shed, etc.) after hours.
– You will be notified on your Smartphone by text and/or email.
– You will also have the option of receiving a high quality video image from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes with a small file size to load fast on any device.
– If you need to see more, you can tap in to the camera that sent you the Motion Alert and see what is going on in real time from any internet connection.

* System Health Monitoring puts the ball in our court. This software will diagnose the surveillance systems status and report back to you.
– If a problem is found (i.e. recording device is down or a camera is offline) our tech support department instantly gets a notification and you do too.


The right surveillance camera system can be the difference between failure and success.

Our primary goal is to ensure safety and protection for your business by using proven security procedures, best industry practices and a professionally installed & carefully maintained surveillance system.

We have worked with most type of business and our experience will help to identify the best surveillance system solution.

Therefore, one of our company owners will visit your location and provide you with a professional evaluation and create a plan to cover your high risk areas.

By installing surveillance system depending on industry of your business you take care of most following common concerns:

– Site security
– Injuries on the Job
– Public Safety
– Slip and falls
– Employee productivity
– Employee Theft
– Identify what’s going on
– Parking area
– Dumpster area
– Delivery audits
– Entrance and exit doors

– Quality Control (Manufacturing Plants)
– Vandalism (Residential Buildings, Auto Dealers/Service, Religious Organizations)
– Customer Service (Retail & Shopping Malls, Auto Dealers, Caterers & Restaurants)
– Inventory Shrinkage (Warehouse & Distributions Centers, Retail & Shopping Mall, Manufacturing Plants)
– Damage control of vehicles prior/during service (Auto Dealers/Service)
– Sales at the register (Retail & Shopping Malls, Caterers & Restaurants)
– Time clock abuse (Retail & Shopping Malls, Manufacturing Plants)
– Lot damage, Shoplifting (Retail & Shopping Malls)
– Liquor at bars (Caterers & Restaurants)
– Vandalism (Office & Residential Buildings, Religious Organizations)
– Keep Parishioners Safe (Religious Organizations)
– Playground/Field/Game Room, Auditorium, Gymnasium (Non Public Schools)
– Lobby (Hotel & Hospitality Industries)
– Gym, Pool Area (Health Clubs, Residential Buildings, Hotel & Hospitality Industries)
– Members stealing from each other, stealing towels, Non-members and guests not signing in (Health Clubs)
– Personal trainer liability issues (Health Clubs)
– Patient Abuse, Health & Safety (Assisted Living)

– Bakery & Bagel Shops
– Bars, Pubs & Taverns
– Check Cashing
– Daycares, Preschools and Nurseries
– Liquor Stores
– Lumber and Supply Yards
– Manufacturers
– Nursing Homes
– Pharmacies
– Private Schools
– Supermarkets
And more…

Protecting your business with a high quality surveillance system, can increase productivity, reduce theft, increase profits, and protect your facility in dozens more ways.