D-Fence (Alarm sensors – fences, steps, walls, floors…)

We proudly to inform that we can provide installation and service of innovative security product D-Fence.

D-Fence is the world’s leading service provider for Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). We specialize and provide the most innovative security solutions and electronic alarm systems.

The products are globally patented based on advanced pressure sensor technology with the highest reliability that enable complete protection and alert for intrusion, while still being ecologically and environmentally friendly.

Many years of experience and investment in technology have enabled us to produce a unique product line that is characterized by minimal maintenance and a high level of security with reliability that allows full protection and security for its customers. With its unique aesthetic, compact design, it can be integrated discreetly in all structures. The company’s systems are designed to protect private homes, airports, government facilities, security sites, power plants, prisons and more.

D-Fence has an international distribution network that allows us to access and supply our products in a variety of regions around the world with quality and efficiency under all circumstances and provide a lifetime warranty for all our clients.

D-Fence can offer various security sensors, it depends on security requirement level.

Detailed information of all possible D-Fence sensors.

This is just one of them:

D-Pressure Strip

The D-Pressure Strip is a unique PIDS that integrates with all types of fences and walls (block, metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.). Built from a strip that contains a Strain Gauge Sensor, the system is fitted on top of the physical structure of the fence & wall.

D- Ground

The D-Ground Security System provides a comprehensive solution for perimeter and access-route protection. It’s based on sensitive seismic technology which is used worldwide for detection of earthquakes.​

The D-Ground operates with seismic sensors which recognize threats whenever fluctuations are sensed in their vicinity. The system identifies the intruder’s movements as soon as he enters the access route, road or path, and provides an early warning before the intrusion actually occurs.​

The D-Ground is installed below ground, cannot be detected nor sabotaged and does not change the area’s appearance. The system’s self-learning algorithm has an extremely high recognition level of diverse threats, with minimum false alarms.

​The system is able to recognize a range of threats above and below ground, such as: footsteps, moving vehicles, digging actions and other intrusions. It is highly suitable to the security needs of access routes to various sites: power plants, refineries, agricultural areas, communication systems, detention facilities, strategic and high security zones and so on